Time Magazine Announces ARTL


Time Magazine announces the launch of American Right To Life

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Nov. 21, 2007: A week after the historic Colorado Right to Life invitation-only Pro-life Leaders Summit, Time Magazine reported as the top story in their U.S. section, complete with a wonderful image of an implanted embryo, the following:

  • Colorado's personhood amendment effort
  • The pro-life movement's rift over regulating child-killing vs. promoting personhood
  • National Right To Life's decades-long refusal to support personhood efforts
  • Colorado RTL getting kicked out of NRTL
  • Coalition's full-page newspaper ads admonishing Dr. Dobson for moral relativist strategy
  • The PBA ruling actually keeps partial-birth abortion legal (with modifications)
  • That Brian Rohrbough will head up American RTL
  • That Rohrbough is the dad whose son Daniel was murdered at Columbine high school, who has been an outspoken critic of the American "culture of death."
  • "Embryos are living human beings with eternal souls and spirits. You just have to refrain from killing one to see what a precious child it is." And,
  • "...the Snowflake Baby Movement [is] an alternative: Don't kill any embryos; instead, encourage people to adopt them. About 100 frozen embryos have already been adopted in the U.S... the snowflake website..."

Please read the ARTL Principles, and if you see the value of uncompromised principles on which to wage the war against child killing, consider supporting American RTL by clicking or by calling 1-888-888-ARTL!