Trump Understands ISIS but Not Abortion


anesthetizePresident Donald Trump and ISIS: For all his moral failures, President Elect Donald Trump does understand that ISIS is evil and needs to be stopped, not contained or regulated. A dozen organizations joined to launch their social media campaign to urge the Islamic terrorist group ISIS to employ more humane forms of killing. A series of messages, each inspired by a specific piece of pro-life legislation, urges ISIS, for example, to use anesthetics prior to a beheading.

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Denver Mosque Leader Calls for Jihad Parental Consent: Really. A bewildering example of life immitating art, our art, just above, was exposed in a radio report on the major connections between Colorado's Muslim community and horrific Islamic terrorist attacks. A leader at Denver mosque has admitted to the Denver Post that he insisted that teenagers there not be encouraged to go off to Europe to join jihad unless they first get permission from their parents. How's that for evil irony?